Top 5 Cruelty Free Highlighters

It's not a secret, everyone is still obsessing over highlighters. I cannot imagine leaving my house if I've done my makeup and not putting on any glow. Let's cut the chit chat, here are my Top 5 Cruelty Free Highlighters!

ABH Moonchild palette
Now, this is definitely one of my most expensive makeup items in my makeup drawer. My friend was in LA and I kindly asked her to pick up one for me. It's probably one of the most pigmented highlighters I've ever used. There is minimal fall out and the powders themselves feel really smooth and silky. It's easy to build it ip and use as eyeshadows as well as I did in this video here

I use Mary-Lou-Manizer every single day without a doubt! It's that perfect champagne colour, so it's good for a settle glow or can be built up to a blinding shine. The consistency of this one is amazing! I've been using it for nearly two years and only now fit pan. Definitely one of those products I will always repurchase. 

If you're on a budget and want a decent highlight in various shades, this Nip+Fab palette is for you. Decent pigmentation and lovely shades will help you to glow to the gods. I like to use their darker shade to go over my bronzer for that radiant bronzer look as well. Perfect for a summers night out. I recently used this palette in this video, if you want to see it in action.

I think these are so underrated in the beauty community. All of bareMinerals radiances are basically pigments, so you need the tiniest bit to achieve an amazing glow. Pure Radiance has golden sheen with a peachy undertone. I quite like this used without a blusher as it already gives quite a lot of colour. If you like a colourful highlight, I would recommend this one for sure.

Technially this is an eyeshadow, but I prefer to use it as a highlighter. I would say this is almost the same as Mary-Lou-Manizer in colour, but Queen Phillys is a loose pigment, therefore, even easier to build up and can be used in more ways. I quite like to apply this one over creams or build up with a dampened brush. Also, it's a pure pigment, meaning, less chemicals to ruin your skin. 

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