Makeup Revolution Holographic Gloss Lip Kit Review

If you watched my Sophdoesnails palette review, you will know that I wasn't a massive fan of Makeup Revolution. That palette was so damn good, I was on TAM Beauty website 20 minutes after filming that video. I saw a picture of their Holographic Lip Kit on my Facebook and knew that this is going to be the next thing I will be trying out. 

Lip pencil swatch || Lip pencil and gloss swatch

The kit comes with a purple lip pencil and a lip gloss that has pink shimmer to it. I love the colour of the pencil. It's a nice lavender shade with a shine to it. However, the texture and consistency was horrible. It swatches lovely on the back of my hand, but on the actual lips the pay off was very poor. I had to go over a few times to build up the colour you see in the picture above. Also, the more I was adding on, the more it seemed to be moving around and getting patchier. Not a fan. 

Lip gloss on the other had is lovely. It's not too sticky, doesn't have any scent to it and applies really smoothly. I love the pink shimmer in it and instantly feel in love with the formula. When I applied it over the pencil that comes in the kit, I wasn't too keen on the outcome. However, on top of another pencil I think this gloss is a winner. 

Gloss over Bare Minerals pencil in Freestyle

Here I have the gloss over Bare Minerals lip pencil in Freestyle. I love this combo and can see myself  wearing it quite often. It gives a very settle but yet interesting look. I would pair it up with a simple smoky eye or maybe a classic cat eye winged liner. The world is my oyster and the combinations are infinite. 

Over all, for the price of £6 I don't feel too sad about this purchase. I still got a really cool lip gloss, but they have to massively improve on the quality of the pencil. The idea is lovely, but the delivery wasn't there. 

Have you tried any of Makeup Revolution lip kits? Did you have a different experience than me?

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