New Instagram Account Update

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I was struggling with my old Instagram account so much! I had over 2k followers, but I was scraping barely 50 likes per post. So I took the leap and created a new account! I've had it for a month and here is what has happened.

Yes, a lot of people are doing the follow/unfollow thing. Now they are easily spotted and I can simply block them and make my life easier.

My account is growing steadily. In 30 odd days I have grown my account from 0 to 450 followers. They are genuine, engaging and I get minimum of 80 likes per picture. It's just nice to know that all the hard work and effort I am putting into each and every post is noticed!

In terms of hashtags, I try not to use too many. I heard a rumour that if you put your hashtags in a comment rather than the caption of the post, you will be shadow banned. So I've stopped doing that and my posts show up on every hashtag.

I've also noticed that posting every day at the same time seems to help as well. Consistency is key and this is no secret. Of course, life is life and I sometimes miss a day, but I try to publish every day at 9am.

I've also changed how I edit my pictures and how I upload them. Ig you have a look at my feed, you'll see that there is a theme to it. I also keep it simple with editing. A bit of brightness and contrast, but that's about it. I personally don't like an over Photoshopped picture and I don't think my followers do too.

On my old account I was a pretty lazy user. Not in terms of uploads, but in terms of interacting with other followers/users of the app. I've stepped up my game! Every evening for a few moments when I'm not busy chilling out, I go and like, comment and follow other users. This way you'll build up not only a genuine following, but might also meet some new friends.

So my main suggestions are - be consistent, have a theme, hashtags in the caption and interact with your followers.

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