Cruelty Free Mascara List - The Good & The Bad

Updated 25/01/2018

You know what frustrates me? Really bad mascara. One of those products you can't really try at the store, but also can't return after it's been opened. I'm now looking for my next perfect mascara, however, reviews on cruelty free mascaras are almost to none. This is when I had a light bulb moment.

Welcome to your first ever Cruelty Free Mascara list! Here I will give you a quick review of all the mascaras I've tried, which ones are worth it, which ones you should avoid. It will be updated every time I get a new one as well.

Tarte Maneater - Best mascara I have used so far. Long lasting, gives great volume and curl. Not overly lengthening if that's what you're looking for.

Smashbox X Rated  - fiber mascara that doesn't feel too fibery. Gives amazing length and curl. Long lasting as well. Fibers don't irritate eyes what so ever.

Essence I love Extreme - the perfect dupe to Maneater mascara. The brushes are even the same. Super volume and gives the nicest length to lashes as well.

Too Faced Better Than Sex - it's ok. Nothing spectacular, but does the job. Price seems a bit too much for such an ok mascara.

Sleek Full Fat Lash - interesting wand, but pretty average performance. It lengthens the lashes a little bit, however, it's really hard to build up. Goes quite clumpy quite fast.

No7 Lash Impact Ultra - it's a good base if you like to build up mascaras. Will give a little bit of length, but that's it. Very natural look.

Smashbox Full Exposure - the wand is way too big, but it doesn't do much. Darkens the lashes and gives ok length, not much volume. Doesn't seem to lift lashes either. Good for layering.

NYX Badunkadunk - driest mascara I've ever used. Wand looks promising, but even after building it up there was literally nothing on my lashes.

Soap & Glory Thick and Fast Volumising - another nothing kind of product. Didn't give any curl, length or volume. Made my lashes just a little bit darker.

Nip and Fab - very dry formula. Doesn't add anything to the lashes except a little bit of length. I think they should make the formula either more liquidy or thicker.

Bleach London - kinda feels there is no product in the tube. It literally does completely nothing, doesn't even make my lashes darker.


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