MDMFlow Lipstick Review

A while ago I got my hands on a few MDMFlow lipsticks and I was itching to try them out! I've first learned about this brand when visiting Cosmopolitan Self Made event in October. It was an event about how to make it in the beauty industry and Flow, the lady behind MDMFlow, was one of the speakers on the panel. 

The idea behind the brand is to create shades of lipstick that will be suitable for all the skin tones out there. Instantly I thought that this woman is brilliant and MDMFlow should be shouted about. So here is my little shout.

These lippies feel very weird, not going to lie. Not in a bad way I promise! They feel super dry, but somehow apply super evenly and easy. I don't get it, but I like it. They do last quite a long time and feel very comfortable and somewhat moisturising on the lips.

The red shade is my favourite and it works perfectly with my signature makeup and skin tone. The other ones … I'm not a fan. The dark purple came out really light. The cool tone pink came out bright pink. How? You tell me! 

To sum it up, I think MDMFlow has loads of room to grow. The idea is lovely and the packaging looks great, but formula wise and colour wise I would love to see improvement. This doesn't mean I will not buy any of their products again. I am actually super intrigued by their mascara!

Have you tried any of MDMFlow products? 

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