The Ordinary Skincare Review

If you watched my London Vlog, you'll know I visited the Ordinary shop in Covent Garden. Of course I had to pick up a few things as I am a massive skincare junkie.

A little bit of a background info about my skin. I have normal to dry skin without any real concerns. I have a spot maybe once a month and a little bit of redness around my nose and cheeks. Now let's crack on with the review.

I went with the popular Hyaluronic Acid as my first choice. It's very hydrating and this acid basically works as hydration retention. It keeps the moisture in your skin for longer making it happier, plumper and more hydrated. The lady in the shop said she even uses this as her primer. I tried it, didn't work. At the end of the day I was a hot shiny mess, so let's keep it as a serum. I use it day and night and I do really like it. It hasn't blown me away, but it's not bad either. Would I get it again ? Because of the price tag, yes I would.

I am literally obsessed with luminous skin. Ever since I had a detox treatment done I've been on the search for the perfect skin product that will give me the same results, but without the hefty price tag of a visit to the beauticians. Alpha Lipoic Acid is a very highly concentrated Vitamin C treatment for brightness and anti ageing. It's not suitable for sensitive skin, so keep that in mind. I use it twice a week and I am absolutely in love even though Ryan said it smells less like dog shit but more like rubber (whatever that means)! It leaves my skin feeling so youthful, fresh and yes, I do get fair bit of brightness as well. 

Over all I am really happy with these little goodies from The Ordinary. Next on my wish list is definitely their Serum Foundation and maybe one of their Vitamin C moisturisers!

Have you ever tried anything from the Ordinary? What are you favourite products?

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