Bleach London Makeup review

Another post, another makeup review! This time on an exiting brand I've already spoken about before - Bleach London.

I've been a massive fan of their hair products for years, their hair mask being one of my favourites ever. When I found out they are launching a full makeup line I couldn't hid my excitement. They have a really cute little counter in my local Superdrug and I had pay a visit whilst grabbing a few goodies. 

I went for the lip kit in Washed Up and their eye kit Grafiteye. As you know I'm doing a Cruelty Free Mascara List on my blog, so eye kit just made sense and Washed Up is the perfect addition to my weird colour lipstick collection. 

Let's start with the lip kit. The colour is stunning and really unique. The pencil is quite small and not the softest one I've used. It does get better with a little bit of warming up, but it's pretty opaque. The lipstick did apply slightly patchy, but nothing a little bit of layering wouldn't fix. It's not too uncomfortable, but I could feel a little bit of dryness after a few minutes of wear. I do love the shade of this lippie, but would probably use a lip balm on top of it just to make it more wearable and comfortable for longer time. 

The eye kit comes with a liquid eyeliner and mascara. The liner is amazing. I would even go as far as saying it's probably as good as Epic Ink by NYX Professional makeup. It lasted all day, was really easy to apply and has a brush like applicator. Mascara wasn't bad, but it wasn't groundbreaking either. It gives a very natural look and is impossible to build up. If you prefer length over volume, you will love it.

Over all I am pretty impressed with their new makeup line. They've come up with a cool concept of putting everything in a kit rather than just lip stuff. I am excited to try their eyeshadows next.

Have you seen their makeup stand in your Superdrug?

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