Top 4 Red Lipsticks for the Festive Season

Moscow Mulled  ||  Fire  ||  Unicorn Blood  ||  Redrum

I'll be honest with you guys I totally stole the idea of this post from Georgia… Check hers here

Nothing screams festivities like a good red lip. It's a classic look and this time of year a very popular one too. Here are my favourite reds that will be not only bulletproof but will also look amazing on any skin tone and undertone. 

Redrum by Jeffree Star Cosmetics 
Probably my favourite liquid lipstick formula. This will be more of a bright red, so will instantly lift your look. This baby will stay on through drinks and food and long hours on the dance floor. 

Fire by Bare Minerals
As soon as Bare Minerals released Fire I knew I have to have it. It's an orange based red and it compliments my skin tone. I love how bright it is and usually combine it with a dark brown smokey eye. A bit of a different festive look for ya. 

Moscow Mulled by Smashbox Cosmetics
Who can say no to a bit of shimmer and metallic on Christmas Day? Moscow Mulled is probably my favourite metallic lipstick I own. It's nice and festive, but can be worn through the year as well. Be warned, it doesn't dry down, so you will have to reapply it a few times. But the colour and the festive look is well worth it. 

Unicorn Blood by Jeffree Star Cosmetics
Another Jeffree lippie, but I can't help it they are amazing. Unicorn Blood will be the darkest red of them all. It's honestly the colour of blood and would be the perfect vampy colour. 

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