Glitch Bristol will give you the haircut of your dreams

For a while now I've been following a new hair salon concept Glitch on Instagram. Their venue seems super attractive not only because of the modern set up but also all the different plants they have spaced around the place. And yes, they are all real! Probably should learn a thing or two as I seem to kill every single plant I buy…

Last week they asked me to give them a visit and get my hair cut. Not gonna lie, I was slightly nervous when it comes to cutting hair. Even though my hair is curly and generally easy to look after, the wrong cut can make it look quite odd. 

As soon as I opened the door, I felt welcomed and amazed by just how cool the place is. I was not only offered a drink, which is a pretty normal custom in most salons, but also a slice of pizza (which I kindly declined, January diet an all that rubbish). If that is not welcoming to the fullest, I don't know what is.

I must say that this is probably one of the nicest haircuts I have ever had. I got my hair cut done by Liam and he was so attentive and probably a perfectionist as well. I as totally mesmerised by his attention to detail. I've never had anyone spend nearly an hour on my hair just to get that perfect cut. 

Glitch is just the thing Bristol was missing. Cool concept hair salon involving music, art and hair. I will definitely go back, because, well, treat yo'self. 

Check their website and price list here. They offer 10% to NHS and students. Check out their Instagram as well, total feed goals.

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