My Favourite 5 Instagram Accounts At The Moment

I'll be honest with you. When I was planning my January's blogposts I did put a ''Blogger world pet peeve" post for today. Then I thought that there is enough negativity in live, scratched the idea and decided to share the love instead. So here are my Top5 Instagram accounts that I've been loving recently.

Gemma is such a lovely woman. I am not a fan of kids, but her little boy Ru is probably the only toddler I actually enjoy watching. I love Gemma's honesty, her flatlays are immaculate and her Instastories are really entertaining to watch.

My boo Georgia! She's not only one of the best friends I gained in such a short time, she's also a wicked makeup artist. I always trust her to give me the best recommendations. So if I'm looking for a new palette or new lipstick, I can always go to Georgia and she will give me the best options.

What can I say, this girl is killing it! I've been following Maria for a while now, but recently she's been knocking me off ma feet! Her Halloween looks were simply spectacular, I don't even know how she has enough time and energy to create all this awesomeness. Perfect account to follow for motivation and inspiration.

Lisa one of the nicest people I am lucky to call my friend. She's also an amazing artist. If I could, I would cover my whole flat in her art. She has an Etsy shop where she sells cool pins and art prints, so check it out if you're on a look for the perfect piece for yourself.

The queen of DIY. She's not only incredibly creative, but also a super nice person. I like that Paige is honest on her Instagram and shares all the sides of her life, even the ones that are not so pretty. She opened my eyes to all these silent illnesses I never knew about. That made me realise that we truly don't know what happens in someones life and we should always be polite, nice and respectful. 

Leave your Instagram accounts below, I am always looking for new smaller accounts to follow and be inspired by.


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