My 5 Favourite Places in Krakow

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you'll know that couple of weeks ago I went to Krakow. I've always wanted to visit Poland and go to Auschwitz, one of the top things in my bucket list. We were there for 5 nights, so managed to see loads and have a fair amount of vodka shots. Rather than going into detail what we did and where we went (vlog coming up this weekend) I decided to share my Top 5 places in Krakow every tourist MUST visit. 

Kazimierz or the Jewish Quarter is definitely one of the places you should visit during your stay in Krakow. Have a stroll around the area, but definitely have a stop at the Awiw restaurant. I honestly thought it's going to be a tourist trap as my friend Morgan was instantly amazed by it. You can sit outside, but it's all heated. They serve hot chocolate that literally tastes like melted chocolate and their dumplings were amazing. As it was our first visit, we also got a 10% discount and the whole meal cost us £14. Bargain.

Krakow is one of the few places in Poland that has kept their Milk Bars alive. These are cafes that serve traditional polish foods exactly the same way they did in the communist times. Don't expect any customer service, however, they do speak a little bit of English. For me it was like being back in my school cafeteria, but Morgan was not happy what so ever. A bit of a culture shock, but worth to see. 

On our last day we decided to visit Wawel Castle and Cathedral. Whilst the castle didn't impress me much, the Cathedral took my breath away. For some reason I didn't expect it to be so big and so stunning. It snowed the day before, so the fresh white blanket of snow added an extra touch to the whole area. What intrigued me the most about this building are the dragon bones next to the entrance. It's rumoured they belong to the dragon Smok who inhabited the caves below Krakow before the city was even founded. 

Wodka Bar in central Krakow was definitely my favourite bar. They do loads of different vodka flavours  and you can get a tray of 6 for about £8. I can say that hazelnut, chocolate and caramel were my favourites. It's quite a tiny bar, so make sure you arrive a little bit earlier. If you're looking for a pre drink bar before the big night out or just fancy some tasty vodka, definitely check Wodka Bar. 

Whenever I go abroad, I always want to visit at least one museum. This time we decided to go to MOCAK Contemporary art museum. Yes, it was weird. Yes, it was completely outside of town. And yes, it was totally worth it. For only £3 you get to see so much awesome art from artists all over the world. I loved the fact that they had a lot of interactive pieces as well. It's definitely the cheapest art museum I've ever been to! 

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