Welcome to my little spot on the interweb! It's really hard to write these "About me" sections, so just bare with me!

My name is Marta and I am a life enthusiast that is obsessed with animals (especially elephants) and owns way too many lipsticks. I consider myself a relentless optimist, which sometimes is not a good characteristic to have. The simplest things amuse me and often I have a selfish need to make everyone know about them. And this is the reason why This is Simply Me was born!

I am a very "fresh" (as in started only in August 2015) vegetarian and a big advocate of cruelty free world. You will see only cruelty free products in my posts and makeup looks! My biggest passions are photography, everything fashion related as well as makeup (khem, lipsticks). I do enjoy a good detective book and bad Hollywood comedies.

That's about it.

Thank you for stepping by and hopefully you're enjoying your time.


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